Portrait & Family Photography Sessions in Whistler, BC

In the heart of British Columbia lies Whistler, a place where nature’s beauty meets the art of capturing timeless moments through portraits. If you’re drawn to stunning landscapes and want to preserve your memories against this breathtaking backdrop, portrait photography in Whistler is an experience you’ll treasure.


Filip went above and beyond for our family pictures. He took time the day prior to scout the best location with the best time of day and lighting. He was very friendly, professional, and great with our newborn. We would recommend him to anyone looking to capture special moments in Whistler. We couldn’t have asked for better pictures.


We had a great time on our photoshoot with Filip! He was friendly, creative and thoughtful about the types of photos we wanted to capture. He had great ideas, but was also open to whatever we wanted to do. The perfect balance of direction and freedom to get beautiful photos of our group. I would recommend him!

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Why Choose Whistler for Your Portrait Sessions?

Imagine your love story, your family’s laughter, or the playful spirit of your beloved pets framed against the enchanting scenery of Whistler. Here’s why Whistler is the perfect canvas for various portrait photography categories:

Welcome your little one into the world against the backdrop of Whistler’s serene landscapes. Capture the innocence and tenderness of this new chapter in your family’s life.

Celebrate your love in the midst of nature’s grandeur. Whistler offers romantic settings—be it amidst alpine meadows or by serene lakesides—for capturing your shared moments.

Create timeless portraits that encapsulate the joy and togetherness of your family amidst the stunning landscapes of Whistler. Let your story unfold against this magical backdrop.

Fur babies are family too! Bring along your furry companions to add an extra dose of charm to your portraits. Whistler’s pet-friendly locales provide an ideal setting for capturing their playful spirit.

Commemorate your engagement against the picturesque beauty of Whistler. Let the landscape mirror the beginning of your lifelong journey together.

Say “I do” surrounded by Whistler’s natural elegance. Wedding portraits here transform into treasured memories against the backdrop of majestic mountains and serene forests.